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I-CAT ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS is a leading Environmental Management Company with its primary focus in supplying products and service to assist companies in Environmental Management.

I-CAT has been supplying dust suppression solutions for almost a decade. Extensive research and development has been invested in our products and solutions and we have been awarded numerous tenders and contracts to not only supply our dust suppression products, but also to manage the entire haulage road dust control projects at several clients.

Dust suppression has become a must have rather than a nice to have in order to comply with health and safety regulations that is set through legislation.

  • Water is the most commonly used suppressant but is very limited in its effectiveness.
  • By adding various additives to water, we are able to increase the wetting ability of water to effectively suppress dust.
  • I-CAT, through our unique environmentally friendly products, can not only assist in dust control but also take a holistic view of our client’s challenges and advise them on products and processes to become environmentally compliant.

More than just reaching legislative milestones, dust is a pervasive problem. It undermines the health of people, reduces the lifespan of machinery and has a negative impact on the environment. It can damage the most sophisticated equipment and technology. It’s therefore imperative for industries to effectively control dust on a continuous basis.

I-CAT has formulated and developed innovative and affordable dust suppression products for an effective and durable method of controlling dust. Products to assist with surface stabilization and significant water use reduction for an exceptional economical overall cost.

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